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Follow These Six Instagrammers to Get Inspiration for Keto Diet Plan

Over the past few years, a ketogenic diet has seen immense popularity around the world. Nowadays, you will find that several people swear by the positive effects of following a ketogenic diet. Now that’s not to say that a ketogenic diet has existed long before, it became a trend. The Keto diet was developed in the 1920s as a way to tackle epilepsy. 

The Keto diet was one of the major treatments used by modern doctors to treat epilepsy in their patients. Due to the development of anti-epileptic drugs, the use of the keto diet was decreased. But the diet was quickly recognized for its other benefit: Weight Loss. And now the diet is mostly used by individuals who aim to reduce their weight, even if it’s for a short time. 

It might seem to you that following the keto diet plan is easy but let us tell you that following a low-carb, high-fat diet can be way tougher than you can imagine. Also, factor in the individual health status, you need to ensure that the keto diet will boost your health rather than deteriorating it. So, checking with your doctor before you start following a keto diet plan will be beneficial for you in the long run. 

Once you have determined that this is the diet that will help you reach your weight goals, the next challenge is finding the right food recipes that you can cook or order. And that’s the reason why most people fail to follow through. But not anymore! If you use Instagram (who doesn’t, duh!), you can follow some incredible Instagram accounts that are focused on delivering easy and quick keto diet recipes that you can cook at your home without too much hassle. 

And it’s not just savory, but sweet too!

  • @martinaslajerova

Let’s start with the best! If you want to get the full rundown on the keto diet, recipes, tips, and tricks to follow the diet plan easily, and more informative articles, you must follow Martina Slajerova. Being the author of 10 bestseller books on a ketogenic diet and the developer of theKetoDiet App, she has more than 183,000 followers on the platform. She also has a website dedicated to educating people about the ketogenic diet. 

Martina Slajerova is an ardent believer ina low-carb lifestyle as it has helped her tackle Hashimoto’s disease (autoimmune disease) effectively along with accurate medical treatments. You will certainly find some amazing recipes to follow for your plan. 

  • @fooddreamer

Author Carolyn relied on following the ketogenic diet after she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in her third pregnancy. But she wasn’t interested in giving up her favorite foods. So, she studied different elements of food and tweaked the recipes to make them keto-friendly. You can follow her on Instagram for pretty food pics and full-length recipes. 

You can also visit her blog “All Day I Dream About Food” to read more keto diet recipes for beginners and pros along with informative articles to know more. 

  • @ketokarma

Get inspired by the before and after pics of Suzanne Ryan on this Instagram account. Since she started following the keto diet, she has lost more than 120 pounds. If you feel that you need some motivation on following your keto diet, this is the Instagram account you must follow. Being the author of two books, she offers quite simple recipes that are keto-friendly, and you can cook them at your home. And if you go out to eat, you can get ideas of what to order from her account too!

  • @castiron_keto

Looking for some amazing one-pot keto recipes? This is the Instagram account you should follow. This Portland, Oregon-based account will make cooking at home easy and quick. You get recipes every single day that can help you keep your keto meal plan fresh and exciting. From sweet to savory, this Instagram account has got it all! Also, if you are wondering you might not have the kitchen tools for the recipe, the account neatly lists them out and their alternatives. 

This Instagram account will never let you run out of keto-friendly recipes again!

  • @ryanplowery

Want to learn the science and nutritional facts behind following the keto diet? Do you want to get inspiration that helps you keep following your keto diet plan diligently? Well, you must follow Ryan Lowery, Ph.D. on Instagram. Studying the different aspects of the keto diet, he has published several research papers. He has always supported the inclusion of all type of nutrients and supplements in the keto diet that help you lose weight yet keeps you healthy.

Following his Instagram account will give you a scientific approach to follow the diet effectively. When you know what is going inside your body on the keto diet, you will be motivated to follow the diet ardently. 

  • @ketointhecity

Struggling for 20 years with inflammation issues and autoimmune disease, Jen Fisch found a keto diet that helped her tackle her health conditions effectively. With more than 149,000 followers on the platform, she inspires people by posting easy and quick keto recipes that help others follow the diet effectively. 

She has also written three bestselling books on the keto diet. She swears by the fact that the keto diet has helped her in improving health efficiently. Keto diet has worked for her, and her Instagram account will make it work for you too.

Sticking to this tough diet plan can be tricky. But following the right people and getting the knowledge and inspiration at every step of the way can be beneficial. 

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