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The Keto Diet Review

There will be no shortage of weight-loss methods and trends out there. However, due to busy schedules, many people who want to reduce their weight cannot exercise. Therefore, their only way is to go on a diet and one becoming more popular recently is the ‘keto diet.’ This article will serve as one of the keto diet reviews. 

What Is Keto Diet?

To start this keto diet review, we will define its definition and process. Keto diet is short for ‘ketogenic diet.’ It is focused greatly on low carbohydrate and high fat intake. A couple of studies show that aside from weight reduction, the diet helps regulate the effects of serious illnesses like epilepsy, diabetes, and cancer. 

The origin of this diet can be traced way back to the 19th century, wherein it was primarily applied to diabetic patients. In 1920, it was being used as an alternative treatment for children with epilepsy. After further studies and usage, it was considered to be applied to patients who have cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, and even Alzheimer’s disease. 

In the 1970s, the keto diet was seen as a weight-loss fad along with the Atkins diet. With so many diets emphasizing low carbohydrate intakes, such as Paleo, Dukan, and South Beach diets, they only focus more on protein sources and moderate fat. For the keto diet, the protein intake is only moderate, but fat is highly encouraged. 

The concept of the keto diet is to help the body achieve a metabolic state called ‘ketosis. This can only happen if the body’s need for carbohydrates is reduced drastically. In order to continue having a source that can provide energy, foods rich in fat must be consumed.

There is no need to worry about breaking down fatty sources since ketosis will turn them into ‘ketones’ inside the liver, which will provide energy to the brain. One of the most effective ways to apply the keto diet is to practice ‘intermittent fasting.’ 

Types Of Keto Diet

There are different types of keto diets. It is up to you which one to practice, depending on your physiology and health history. Here are the different versions or types:

Out of these different types, the ‘standard’ and ‘high protein’ keto diets are the only ones being studied extensively. The other keto diets are more on ‘experimental’ applications for athletes and bodybuilders. 

How Is Keto Diet Done?

Based on the definition and the explanation of the biological process involved, it seems that the keto diet review is leaning towards a positive reception. To have a sound conclusion, let us further break down the weight-loss method by learning how it is done. 

How is the keto diet done? It starts with the reduction of foods rich in carbohydrates. The diet focuses more on reduction, and from there, you can select alternative foods that are rich in fat. However, to achieve ‘ketosis’ much faster, intermittent fasting is encouraged. 

Intermittent Fasting

Normally, people cannot avoid foods rich in carbohydrates. For Westerners, bread and pastries are such comfort foods, while pasta is the staple food for other Europeans. For the majority of Asians, rice will never be absent at any dining table. 

So, in order to have the discipline to avoid them, the only way is to deprive the body of carbohydrates. The key is not to keep the stomach hungry but to get rid of excess glucose and obtain the habit of not craving for them. The diet involves eating only 1 full meal a day and fasting for about 8 to 16 hours daily (including the sleeping hours). 

If you choose to grab a snack, check out the list below which foods are needed to eat and to avoid. Obviously, fat-enriched foods have no glucose and are essential to maintain ketosis and provide energy to the body.

Foods to Avoid:

Foods to Eat:

Sample Keto Diet Schedule

To further justify the positive aspects pointed in most of the keto diet reviews, an example has to be presented. Here is a sample of a 1-week keto diet plan.

How Effective Is Keto Diet?

Benefits Of Keto Diet

The keto diet review will not be complete without tackling the benefits. Here are the top things that you will be receiving if you pursue the keto diet.

Let’s start with the apparent – weight loss. By cutting the amount of glucose inside the body by not taking in foods rich in carbohydrates, you’re making the job of your metabolism faster and more efficient. 

Upon the absence of carbohydrates, foods rich in fat take place as energy providers. Due to ketosis, breaking this type of food source can be easier. The faster the food is burned, the less likely you will gain weight. 

Furthermore, intermittent fasting contributes a lot to achieving ketosis as quickly as possible. According to studies, people who have undergone the keto diet lost 2 pounds on average, which is more than those who are practicing a low-fat diet. 

Knowing that the keto diet lets you abstain from foods rich in carbohydrates, you will be less likely to build glucose in your internals if you practice it diligently. Less sugar content in the body is a giant step away from having diabetes. It is already common knowledge that diabetes is one of the illnesses that have no apparent cure yet. 

Other illnesses related to metabolism might be prevented if the keto diet is practiced. Although there might be fewer studies focused on them, the chance that they might be resoundingly positive is very high.

Most of the keto diet reviews you can possibly read highlight its weight loss capabilities and prevention of diabetes. However, little do people know that patients practicing a keto diet while experiencing a serious illness help them cope up with the illness’s effects. Here are some of the common heavy illnesses wherein the keto diet has a positive impact:

Cautions On Keto Diet

The keto diet review cannot arrive at a conclusion without undertaking the different side effects or red flags. Although they can only manifest if the diet is done recklessly, it won’t hurt to be informed. Here are the following consequences of practicing the keto diet. 

The body might have difficulty adjusting to the new conditions brought by the diet. Some even dubbed it as the ‘keto flu. The symptoms include low energy level, nausea, irritability, sleep issues, digestive discomfort, and decreased performance during exercise.

Ketoacidosis is a condition wherein there is an excess of ketone bodies. This excess can produce a very alarming acidic level in the blood. However, this does not occur in people without diabetes. Patients taking a certain medication called ‘sodium-glucose cotransporter 2’, or ‘SGLT2’, can increase the risk of developing ketoacidosis if they will practice the keto diet. 

Suppose one does a keto diet for a very long period. In that case, they might be at risk of the following: low protein within the blood, kidney stones, extra fat inside the liver, and micronutrient deficiencies.


In the keto diet review above, the purpose and procedure are highlighted. Aside from those, the presented benefits of the keto diet on a regular person seem to be greater than the possible negative impacts. Overall, the keto diet is highly recommendable for losing weight and preventing diabetes.

As long as you can resist the craving for carbs and plan the intermittent fasting well, you are good to go. If you want a customized keto diet plan similar to the example presented, visit this link: